Birmingham wedding photographer. Natural, friendly, no-nonsense and creative.

Specialising in alternative, eco and green documentary wedding photography available for engagements, weddings, commissions and events. Have a look at my work and check out my amazing prices.

Come in, take your shoes off, and have a look around!

I love photographing people. There is a real magic in the everyday moments that make up our lives, which if captured with photographs can tell a story of the events which shape us as humans.

As a documentary photographer, my purpose is to see and record those special moments, to ‘document’ them and pass them on to you. I believe photographs may be the most important way to lock our memories into that moment, a way of looking back and remembering the good times; a gift more valuable than money to pass on to our children or loved ones.

Some days in our lives are more important than others and what day better to capture than the wedding day? The bride and groom in love and looking amazing, family members gathering to celebrate and having fun. A documentary photographer shoots in a journalistic way. I will capture your day from getting ready until the end of the first dance, as it happens. I’m not a fan of ‘formal’ photographs or set-up shots. I will however always get a few shots of you as a couple as I feel this is your day and you are the stars of the show. I won’t pose you heavily, just pure, natural compositions to try and capture the love you share. The documentary wedding photography I produce is created with integrity, honesty, and, if I can help it; without any influence from me on you or your loved ones.

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