Aaron Cole is a Birmingham Wedding Photographer capturing the real moments of your wedding. Based in the West Midlands and covering the UK. My prices are listed on this site but if you have a special requirement, please use the contact form to enquire further.

Hello I’m Aaron,

I’m a wedding photographer based in Birmingham and I cover weddings across the UK.

My Photography is less about posing and spending hours of your day in front of the camera – it is about capturing genuine moments and creating a sense of nostalgia and beauty in your photographs. Real memories to keep forever.

I want to help you have an amazing wedding day with as little interference from myself. Giving you the best possible images of your day create everlasting and meaningful memories for you and for you loved ones.

Together we will create the memories of the best day of your life, and celebrate your love by capturing all those amazing moments. It’s the micro-second glances, smiles and laughs that I love to capture and allow my pictures tell your unique story.

Aaron Cole
A memory worth keeping; images to treasure.

Providing natural, energetic and beautiful images of your wedding. Birmingham based and covering the UK and destination weddings. Now booking wedding dates in 2022 and 2023. Please contact me to find out if I can photograph your event.

Offering a relaxed style of photography for couples who are looking for a creative and authentic portrayal of their day. I photograph to document your day, not to be part of it. Delivering high-quality images that have all been hand edited by myself to ensure the best quality of work for you to treasure. Working using the best equipment I’m also fully insured. I will capture your wedding, engagement or event in a professional way – friendly, instinctive and creative.

Specialising in alternative, eco and green documentary wedding photography… Also, I love a vintage theme wedding, If you like my work, it would be an honour for me to document your wedding.

Contact me today to check my availability or arrange a meet up!

As a wedding photographer, Birmingham is a perfect location as it’s so central I can get to most parts of the country with relative ease to cover any wedding or event. Let’s meet or FaceTime to discuss your plans. I’m also available for engagements and commissions.

Drop me an email to enquire about my availability and while you’re browsing, have a look at my work and check out my prices, nothing is hidden here. 

Come in, take your shoes off and have a look around…

A Birmingham Wedding Photographer who loves to shoot in an unobtrusive style

I’m a Birmingham wedding photographer specialising in taking a mix of candid moments and lovely relaxed portraits. I’d love to be there to capture your day. There is real magic in the everyday moments that make up our lives, which if captured with photographs can tell a story of the events which shape us as humans.

As a documentary photographer, my purpose is to see and record those special moments, to ‘document’ them and pass them on to you.

The most important times in our lives

I believe photographs may be the most important way to lock our memories into that moment. A way of looking back and remembering the good times we share as family and friends. A photograph is a gift more valuable than money to pass on to our children or loved ones. After all, what is the one thing we would look to save in the event of a fire?

Some days in our lives deserve moments and memories captured to be looked back upon and treasured. What day is better to capture than the wedding day? The bride and groom in love and look amazing, and family members gather to celebrate and have fun. 

You make the moment, not me

A documentary photographer shoots in a journalistic way, and while I will be there capturing your day from getting ready until the end of the first dance. It’s your day, your decor, your wedding dress and family, bridesmaids, best men, guests and you… the Bride and Groom. You are the ones who make beautiful photographs, I’m just there to capture that moment and memory. I will provide images for you to keep that memory alive.   

We spend only around half an hour on ‘formal’ photographs or set-up shots. You want to celebrate with your friends and family so we will just take a little time out after the ceremony to get some amazing photographs of you as a newlywed couple; I feel this is your day and you are the stars of the show. I won’t pose you heavily, just pure, natural compositions to try and capture the love you share. 

A reference point for a lasting memory

The wedding photography I produce is created with integrity, honesty, and if I can help it; without any influence from me on you or your loved ones.

Being based in the midlands as a wedding photographer Birmingham is the ideal location as I can reach any part of the UK in many cases in just a couple of hours. I can photograph any destination wedding (travel and hotel expenses will be extra).

What inspired me to become a wedding photographer?

My wife and I married in a small town called Tyringham in Massachusetts. We were looking for a photographer to capture the day. I quickly realised looking at their work that I wanted in. I loved the work I saw and felt a deep connection to the images. I ended up photographing our wedding and managed to get some great photos.

Starting out

On our return from our trip, I set up and began to photograph friends and discovered I had the knack for capturing joyful expressions, unscripted moments, and relationships. I especially like the fact I don’t direct the flow of a wedding, I document moments as they organically occur.

Finding beauty everywhere

I can find beauty in almost anything, so anything is interesting to photograph. You’ll find easy access to all of my work right here – from weddings to landscapes, engagements to commercial, and street photography to cityscapes.

My work is centred around Birmingham but I have many photographs of America including Los Angeles, New York and the National Parks. 

Telling the story

For me, nothing compares to people. A photograph of a person can tell a story a thousand words cannot. There is nothing better for me than to capture that ‘moment’ – the look, smile or laugh which tells a small part of the story of a wedding. I believe every person has a story to tell… sometimes in just one image. 

Let me tell your story. Enquire today if you want me to photograph you. Whether it be for a single portrait or your wedding day. To capture images of your family or to document an important moment in your life. I will help you to capture the memory and help it live forever to be passed down through generations of your family.



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