Santarella, located in Tyringham, Massachusetts

So, full disclosure… I shot my own wedding and I’m so happy with my photos. Believe me, if you can take good photos of your own wedding, capturing other people’s weddings is much easier!

My wife Kate and I met in 2015 while my mother was terminally ill and I fell in love with her strength, support and totally caring nature which helped me cope with my mom’s passing.

We decided to take the opportunity to fulfil some ambitions we had in life. One was to go on a road trip around America and Canada, one was for me to quit my office job as a graphic designer and realise my dream of becoming a full time photographer.

We left the UK in July 2017 and spent the next five months traveling around the US and Canada.

On August 10th we married in the beautiful sunny gardens of Santarella, located in Tyringham, Massachusetts.

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