Free Engagement Photography?

If you are within 20 miles of Birmingham City Centre then please ask me about my free one hour engagement wedding photography, no strings attached! You get 20-30 beautiful photographs to give to your cats, hairdresser or Mum for her birthday, I get to take photos of nice people (I just really love taking photos!). Use the contact form to find out more or book an engagement session. There is not much more to say!

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Why have An Engagement Photography Session?

First of all, we get to meet have a chat, go over the details of your day. You can give me some ideas of the type of shots you’ll want on the wedding day. Then we’ll head to a beautiful location – maybe your favourite park, possibly out in the countryside, you might prefer an urban setting with graffiti or even your own back garden – wherever you feel most comfortable.

I want you to trust me to take your wedding photographs, they’re the most important document of your most important day. I’ll get a few shots of you just walking hand in hand and getting used to the camera, until, hopefully you forget all about me! I know it’s a very strange thing to be photographed, most regular people like you and I are not models; relaxing you into the notion of having your image taken by a professional will get you more prepared for what to expect on the wedding day.

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