Landscape prints, a beautiful gift idea.

There is no better light for a landscape photograph than ‘The Golden Hour’ and the morning especially is so beautiful, I love to breath the fresh morning air and see the sun rise above the horizon as a new day starts.

The early starts are difficult, but being there to witness and to capture the full glory of a new day, there is something so incredible about it. That first spark of light and the fresh morning air which the images somehow seem to reflect the magnificence of it.

These moments make me glad to be here doing what I do and hopefully bringing some of that joy to you. 

I was lucky enough to capture most of these images as my wife and I drove around America in the later part of 2017 after we were married in Tyringham, Massachusetts. Other photographs were taken in Wales, Ireland and here in Birmingham.

All of these landscape images are available to purchase now. Just drop me a message and start the process off so you can own one of these images yourself. They make great presents too!

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