Living In The City

Love it or hate it, the city is where human life flourishes and thrives. We build seemingly impossible structures which reach higher and higher into the sky. We build bridges to cross rivers and seas to expand our horizons. The city is alive and always growing, more and more people move there to find jobs or homes. 

As a photographer of people, the city is where I feel most at home and as much as I love capturing people and their stories I want to also capture the creations of us humans. Urban photography is the documentation of the city as it stands now – the buildings, streets, bridges and structures. How we’ve shaped our landscape to suit our needs as people. I find it fascinating from the smallest detail of a tile in a mosaic art work to the tallest building in the sky. I’m drawn in and what to capture every feature I can. 

Many of these photographs were taken on my travels around America with my wife Kate in 2017. I will soon be adding more of my home city of Birmingham, stay tuned!

A Unique Gift Idea

All of these photographs are available for purchase, for an incredible piece of artwork for yourself or a great unique gift. Please contact me for more details.