West Midlands Wedding Photographer based in Moseley and covering Birmingham and the UK. Also available to cover destination weddings by special request. My prices are listed on this site but if you have a special requirement, please use the contact form to enquire further.



I’m not a wedding photographer

You may think I’m a wedding photographer, but I’m not… at least not all the time, I’m a photographer of all I see. I love taking photos and wherever I am, my trusty Canon 5D will be with me. 

I can find beauty in almost anything, so anything is interesting to photograph. On this page you’ll find easy access to all of my work’ from weddings to landscapes, engagements to commercial, street photography to cityscapes.

My work is centred around Birmingham but I have many photographs of America including Los Angeles, New York and the National Parks. I visit Ireland on a regular basis and capture as many photos as I can.

For me, nothing compares to people. A photograph of a person can tell a story a thousand words cannot. I love people and I believe every person has a story to tell… sometimes in just one image. 

Let me tell your story. Enquire today if you want me to photograph you. Wether it be for a single portrait or your wedding day. To capture images of your family or to document an important moment in your life. I will help you to capture the memory and help it live forever to be passed down through generations of your family.

On this page:

Wedding at: The Henley Room. Located in a Tudor building, which was formerly a College House and dates back to the 1800s. The small but very intimate venue is situated centrally in a vibrant and bustling area of the town and can seat up to 35 guests.

Engagement at The Licky Hills. A beauty place to visit for a wonderful engagement shoot near Birmingham. Perfect any time of the year.

Age Concern Birmingham. A great charity working in the local Birmingham community for the elderly and people who just need a helping hand.

Coastguard, Newcastle, Northern Ireland. Dedicated volunteers helping to keep us safe at sea.

View of Los Angeles from Griffith Observatory. The best view of L.A. you gan get. Visit once in your life.

The Mailbox Underpass. I don’t know what to say about this, other than it’s a great place to take photos! If you’re ever in Birmingham, get your camera at the ready!

Buy Photographic prints from Aaron Cole Photography. 

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