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My Style On Your Wedding Day

As a photojournalistic photographer, my style is about capturing the moment as it happens. In essence this allows for a much more natural and flowing experience for you on your big day.

The photographs I capture should tell a visual story. I don’t want to interrupt you and distract from your special day so I will try to blend into the background as much as possible; for the most part, you won’t know I’m even there!

What I Do Differently From The Old Fashioned Wedding Photographer?

You won’t be made to have hundreds of fake posed family photographs. However, I think it’s equally important I capture the portraits of you in a timely manor. I spend around 30 minutes at the most walking around the grounds taking photos as you walk and getting. you to stop for a few slightly more (very natural) posed photographs. Furthermore I like to get some of the other special people in your life. I generally get groups of family to look at each other tell some jokes and have some genuine fun to capture the most authentic photographs of your day.

Overall, I will be there to tell your story; to show the love between you and to capture your special memories in the making to treasure forever.

Allowing You More Money For Your Honeymoon

With prices that start from £700, get in touch on the contact form to find out more!

Included in your booking:

• Pre-wedding meeting at your home, the venue, café or even your favourite bar!

• Phone or email support before the day if you have any questions.

• Creative professional with the experience and equipment needed to capture your wedding day in every way I can, from getting ready until the first dance.

• A USB Stick in presentation box with 300-500 (full day wedding) high resolution images of the day, fully edited and ready for you to print or share with your friends.

• You can have a beautiful photo album from £350 made which I will design and layout myself. Photographic prints onto paper or canvas can be ordered for great prices. Want the print framed? No problem, leave it to me, go enjoy your honeymoon!

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