Wedding at Birmingham Council House



Birmingham Council House Wedding Photographer

It was such a pleasure to record the wedding day of Beth & David. I finally got to shoot a wedding at the Birmingham City Council House, a building I’d seem many times from the outside, but never inside.

I’m Brummie through and through and love my home town and it was great to finally see inside this iconic building for the wedding and party of this fantastic couple.

The day started in good form as the weather was amazing. In April you never really know which way it will go but Beth and David really got lucky!

To start with I set up my trusty Canon cameras and began by getting some shots of the Birmingham wedding venue which was beautifully set up for the day. I then moved into the room where Beth was getting ready.

Preparation shots are lots of fun and they get the Bride and Bridesmaids used to me being there. It’s tricky but I try to be as discreet as possible; making sure I duck out of the room if dresses are being put on. 

Don’t let the name put you off! It really is one of the finest venues in Birmingham – along with Highbury Hall, the wedding at The Birmingham Council House was a pure joy to photograph. The light is incredible and the classic architecture makes for a wonderful backdrop for beautiful photographs. What a stunning day, and what a privilege to take wedding photographs at one of the most beautiful Birmingham Buildings.

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