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Green wedding photography

Everyone has a responsibility to the environment, we are all in this together. I mean how amazing is our home? I know it’s sometimes hard to contemplate but what an incredible place we live! A blue dot in a vast ocean of black space, literally nothing, for, a really long way. I really care about our planet and I want it to be around for a long time to come so I try to do my part by living a more eco friendly lifestyle.

10 years ago I stopped eating meat, and since then I’ve been happily vegetarian. I’m also trying to use less plastic, it’s tough but we gotta try, right? I am trying hard to reduce my environmental impact. I want my customers and suppliers to help me do everything I can to do our bit in making our home, Earth, a better place for our children. 

My responsibility running a Wedding Photography business

Everyday I am thankful for the privilege of even being here and I want to experience all the joy nature brings. I love walking in the countryside and being at one with nature. I also want our beautiful planet to be here for many generations to come and to do that we all have to care for it.

There is a real importance in doing everything I can to reduce my impact on the world. I recycle my businesses waste materials and use recycled products where possible. I also try to use more local smaller or independent companies for my supplies which helps other small businesses like mine also helps to avoid unnecessary shipping. 

Renewable energy powers my business and home and I use eco-friendly products.

Personal aims as an eco photographer

• Limit my use of plastic, especially plastic bottles

• Work with businesses who also have a good green policy

• Use local businesses for goods and supplies

• Continue to recycle my waste

• Use a bicycle for some journeys

• Switching to driving a Hybrid Car

Is there anything else I can do? I want to hear your ideas. Thanks!

– Aaron

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